HP Tuners - VCM Suite 3.0 now available!

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HP Tuners - VCM Suite 3.0 now available!

Post by Gzero » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:53 am

http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showthrea ... ly-Here!!!

VCM Editor - Major Features
Major Features:
Flexible licensing system allowing licensing for wide array of vehicles including crate motors and retrofits
- This solves the invalid vin/os pair scenario
- You can now license most of these vehicles right away
Improved calibration change history to allow going back to any previous revision
- Full binary history of your changes are maintained within the .hpt file
- Open up any restore point as a compare file, or in a new VCM Editor
Master/Slave tuning model allowing for remote tuning and restricted calibration access
- Remote tune and still protect your calibration
Separate ECM/TCM Flashing
- Flash only what you need to, saving time
GM Virtual Volumetric Efficiency Tool
- View and edit your VE tables for newer GM vehicles from within VCM Editor
File import and export to Emotion and Powerteq devices
- Adds options for tune deployment through third party devices
GM P01/P59 Segment Swapper
- This enables users to do their own transmission segment swaps
Improved Parameter Navigator
- Text Search

VCM Scanner
Major Features:
Broadcast parameters added!
- This increases scanning rates dramatically!
Improved Math Parameter
- Functional filtering via avg() and slope() functions
- Variable wizard to help expression creation
New Interface!
- Supports multiple instances of Gauge/Graph/Chart displays
- Resize friendly
- Much faster scrolling/drawing/updating of controls
Serial Inputs
- Connect Widebands direct via a Serial Port. No more voltage offsets!
More parameters and scan methods added
- GM routines improved for speed
- Ford routines improved for speed
- DMR added for Ford
- Dodge routines improved for speed
Improved Channel and Parameter Selector forms
- Filtering
- Text Search
Import .csv file functionality added
- Open logs from other software in VCM Scanner
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